Many grandmothers shoulder the burden of looking after orphans and other needy children when their parents die of HIV and AIDS at very younger age. Robbbed of income earners with no one to help. At times these have their own chronic illenesses which makes them more vulnerable to care for the orphans. they depend on growing vegetables for food. No retirement packages, no health insurance and no access to basic needs of life due to lack of money at home. This makes their love for the grand children unseen due to the many challenges,they face. As a result of all these challenges they lose hope besides the traumatic experiences faced as a result of the death of their very own children. In such circumstance,NIRP has stood with grandmothers to restore their hope and energy to care and support orphaned children. Orphans are given school fees, scholastic materials, medical care and other material support to nurture their full potential to adulthood.Grandmothers are supported with house construction,material social support;food,beddings,watertanks,counselling and provided with Icome generating activities to enable them support the orphans as the organisation phases out the project in the area.Grandmothers have been organised into solidarity groups inorder to share with each to find solutions to the chalenges within their families,community at large. Strong groups have been linked to other civil society organisations and government institutions to access support to enable them care for the overwhelming number of orphans. You can also contribute towards restore hope to grandmothers affected by HIV and AIDS in Uganda. Make a difference today.